Our executive director Koichi Haseyama and director Natsumi Haseyama have striven to study Early Childhood Education deeper in Canada to provide better education in GHIS children, and to establish a new school in Canada even after GHIS has opened.(Executive dirctor Koichi Haseyama is currently registered at PHD at Simon Fraser University in Canada 2014.)
It has been 5 years since we started bringing our GHIS children to Canada to attend at local summer camps.

About 5 years ago, We stared thinking about one question which is “why do we learn English?” “Why do children learn English” . Isn`t is an obvious question? Yes, our school is in English environment, but if you are out of school, do you really need to live with in English??
Maybe not. So why do children learn English? We believe that children feel this question the most. “Why do I learn English, do I need it? When?”…..
In 2009, our director Natsumi took 2 students from GHIS to Canada for 2weeks. They spent 2 weeks at Canadian home stay and attended at local daycare. Not only their English speaking has been improved, also they absorbed culture difference and most of all, they found the meaning of
why they have been learning English. They realized there are people who speak English in the world. Their daily life in Canada was full of wonder. They asked so many questions everyday. “Why Canada is big?”
“Why did you say “hi” on the street even though you don’t know the person.” “Why the raccoons and squirrels are not in the zoo. Why they are in our backyard.” “Why car in Canada is running other side from Japan.” etc…. They experienced so many things which something they don’t see their neighborhood in their hometown.
We hope that children connected the meaning of why they learn English in GHIS. After 5 years, they have been attending a local summer camp program every year since then, now they are in advanced class in our school which is ESP. They speak only English in the class.
GHIS have brought 5 students to Canada until now. We are pleased to announce that 8 students from GHIS are going to have a wonderful experience in Canada in this summer 2014.

We also have an organizational partnership with the local daycare, summer camp program and ESL school in Vancouver.

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ILAC, Vancouver/Language School Budding Children’s Garden and Daycare/Daycare centre Sasamat Outdoor Centre/Camp for Children
Picture of summer camp in Canada

-Summer camp in Canada from 2009-2015