We open 7:45am to 6pm (Additional fees from 2pm to 6pm)

Our curriculum

  • Our curriculum is designed to be an asset for various ages of children (2-5 years old) to grow up in the environment with diverse ages. All of our programs are based on Dual Immersion. Every class is conducted in English. It, however, has a scheduled period in Japanese for each day. Our daily activities consist of assembled various forms based on the following educational categories.
    1. Humanity and Interpersonal Skills
    2. Gaining self-esteem and confidence requires self-consciousness in their interrelationships. Our teachers aim at providing a safe and positive environment for children to look into themselves and conceive the thoughtful reactions at various daily events of life.

    3. Dynamics of Creativity
    4. We believe that children are full of great talent for creativity. To nurture a sense of artistic creativity, we believe, bring children to a range of exciting possibilities for developing their various skills.

    5. Multicultural Cognizance
    6. It is reasonable that acquiring multicultural awareness can be well-arranged in an international school. Nonetheless, taking the fact as only one of the elements, we put an emphasis on providing various activities continuously with sufficient assistance. As we do so, we believe our teachers can help children to be aware of and appreciate their differences and knowledge in various cultures at school.

    7. Linguistic Development and Fundamental Knowledge
    8. Linguistic development is enriched through all the conversations or short talks conducted in their classrooms and in any of the school activities. Each class holds Educational Time for children to learn the basics of knowledge through their own chores and learning activities.

    9. Dual Immersion English-Japanese
    10. A clear boundary – this is the primary factor for bilingual education. Our curriculum clearly determines the point of alternation of the 2 languages in terms of Time and Place. The bilingual lead teacher switches languages.


Monday to Friday 7:45am to 2pm (Days of attending from 2 days to 5 days)

We are here to provide an environment in which children gain a sense of belonging. We believe the ideal public environment for children is one in which they develop a sense of belonging, gain self-esteem, establish trusting relationships and a deep respect for all the lives of the others.

Our teachers are aiming at leading children into a safe and joyful environment, motivating them, encouraging them in their life with fellow students and teachers in order that our children take a great part in socialization and significant communal experiences in their childhood.

We believe it is very important to have an emphasis on nurturing creativity in early childhood. Therefore, our curriculum provides activities for children to interact with nature and plain materials in the properties of the world.

◎Class schedule

Days of attending from 2 days to 5 days

  • Preschool hours:7:45am to 2pm (Afternoon care 2pm to 6pm)
  • Age: 18 months to 6years-old
  • Please contact us for available seats for your child to
    or phone us 03-3635-2303
  • Fees:Admissions & Fees

Afternoon Care Program

Your child can attend from 1 hour to 4 hours!

This Afternoon Care Program which we provide play-based environment for children to be exposed such as social interact with others and teaches to gain social skills, to develop self-esteem also gain language integration by sensing other languages. This program is flexible to choose the days and hours by each week or day.
Preschoolers are able to stay after 2pm, therefore, they are able to meet other friends who come afternoon. The children who take After class program, they can also extend their sense of wonder of English environment with this program, as well. Of course, children can attend only this program without taking other classes.

Schedule of Afternoon Care Program

Play-based, English environment

  • Afternoon Care Program Hours: 2pm to 6pm
  • Age: 18 months and up
  • Please contact us for available seats for your child to
    or phone us 03-3635-2303
  • Fees:Admissions & Fees