Afternoon Class


GHIS After Class provides a creative and imaginative environment through art, science and hands on learning style rather than “study study”.
Each program is available from 50-minutes lesson a week.
Program hours: 3pm to 6pm

We can substitute the lesson if you call us for an absence of the lesson(Except Bridge and ESP class).

Afternoon Class Time Table

Here is the time table for the classes. Please ask us if you have any inquires.

09:00-13:00           ESP
14:00-14:50           Bridge
15:00-15:50 * Bridge
16:00-16:50 * R&W * SP
17:00-17:50 R&W

* Classes will be opened upon request.

GHIS Short Program

The program is available from 50-minutes lesson a week.

Short Program will be providing an environment to learn English through songs, dances, story telling, felt board stories, art and craft, science and cooking. For kinder class, you can imagine a class looks like a circle time which we do in daycares or preschools in North America. Our goal is to make children feel that “English is always there when I come to a fun place.

What does my child learn in Short Program??

The program offers a lot of hands on learning such as children will touch, sense, feel, experiment and discover through the activities. Educators always strive to find a way to make children to have fun learning English. For Kinder Class, there will be lots of singing and dancing, also lots of fun stories by telling in English.

  • We have lots of going on within 50-minutes lesson, so children will be kept busy by doing those.
  • Also the curriculum is considered as area of Early Childhood Education, therefore, the lesson plans are considerate for a domain of cognitive, fine/gross motor, social/emotional and literacy skill.

See our staff

Contents of Short program

Age: 2 to 11 years-old
Kinder Class: 2 to 6 years-old
ES1 Class: 7 to 9 years-old
ES2 Class: 9 to 11 years-old

The program Schedule

50-minutes / once a week(4 times)
Admissions & Fees

Reading & Writing Class

5 students/class

This program focuses on Reading and Writing in English. Although this program is intended for more academic site, still our focus is providing children an opportunity to have creative and imaginative
thinking to express their thoughts. At the class, children make one book through a month by discussing what topic,sentences and content they would like to write on their book. By doing those, they will have
an experience of imagination, creation, to speak up own ideas and writing sentences.

The program Schedule

50-minutes / once a week(4times)
Age:4 years-old to 11 years-old
Admissions & Fees

ESP/Bridge Class

Advanced English level or Native English speaker Class/ Preparation for ESP Class

ESP Class

Focus on child`s interest and expand their imagination and creative ideas through the project-based curriculum.

This program offers children to learn things by project-based learning style.. Children create or discover ideas, then each child brings an idea to discuss with other classmates. Educator’s role is to scaffold and support their ideas or creations. Sometimes educators and children cooperate together to find a way. In that way, children are able to pursue their own interests by questioning, discovering answers rather than being given the answers. Therefore, we believe that children feel each uniqueness and value of thinking are different, and that’s why it`s interesting.

The program Schedule

1 time is 50-minutes lesson
ESP Class is available Monday and Friday 5pm to 5:50pm / Saturday 9am to 1pm(4 hours lesson)
Age: 6 years-old to 12 years-old.
Admissions & Fees

Bridge Class

This program is basically a preparation class for ESP class. Children who are not at enough English level to go on ESP class will be recommended to take this class. This is a good practice for children to get used to project-based curriculum which ESP class does every time.
There are a lot of interactive discussions in ESP. To prepare for the further journey in ESP, children in Bridge class also experience to imaginative and creative learning education through art-based curricula.

The program Schedule

50-minutes/once a week / 4 times a month
Age: 4 years-old to 11 years-old
Admissions & Fees