Admissions & Fees


Pre School Admission

sp icePlease refer to the following guidelines to file an application.

1. Prospective parents should contact the office to make an appointment for their school visits. A trial with the teacher of the prospective class for the children can be arranged at this time.

2. Showing its facility, Green Hill staff explains the school philosophy and policies.

3. When Green Hill suits the parents’ demands and they find a match for the child, please file your application.

4. An interview without your child is required to discuss school policies and any other concerns which should be revealed before enrollment. A final offer of admission is made upon its satisfactory conclusion.

In addition to the regular admission for each term, we take mid-term admission.


Fall Term:
September – December / Spring Term: January – April / Summer Term: May – August

Entrance Fee (non-refundable): 30,000 yen(plus tax)

Sakura Class(2 days/week 7:45 am – 2:00 pm)
Fall Term(Sep-Dec) 34,869 yen per month
Spring Term(Jan-Apr) 34,869 yen per month
Summer Term(May-Aug) 34,869 yen per month
Sora Class (3 days/week 7:45 am – 2:00 pm)
Fall Term(Sep-Dec) 49,978 yen per month
Spring Term(Jan-Apr) 49,978 yen per month
Summer Term(May-Aug) 49,978 yen per month
Yama class  (4 day/week 7:45 am – 2:00 pm)
Fall Term(Sep-Dec) 60,439 yen per month
Spring Term(Jan-Apr) 60,439 yen per month
Summer Term(May-Aug) 60,439 yen per month
Niji class(5 days/week 7:45 am – 2:00 pm)
Fall Term(Sep-Dec) 67,413 yen per month
Spring Term(Jan-Apr) 67,413 yen per month
Summer Term(May-Aug) 67,413 yen per month

Available for 1 day Spot Registration: 6,069 yen / 8am to 2pm, no requirement registration
fee (Must register in advance and acceptable max 3 times a month.)

  • The tuition includes all the materials and insurance.
  • Available to pay tuition monthly
  • You may be asked to be collected some fees for the field trips or any other events at GHIS.

Afternoon Care Program

No Admission fee, 916 yen / hour

Afternoon Class

•GHIS Short Program/ 6 students/class
•Reading & Writing Class/ 5 students / class
•Bridge Class/Preparation for ESP Class

■Fees: 6,511 yen/month, admission fee 10,800 yen. All the materials are included in tuition(Except ESP class).
■Class: 15:00~/16:00~/17:00 Monday to Friday : 3pm~/4pm~/5pm~,Saturday: 9am~5pm
Our Office will be closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

•ESP/Bridge Class
Monday and Friday:5pm~5:50pm Saturday: 9am to 1pm(4 hours lesson)
1 time is 50 minutes lesson.
Admission fee: 10,800 yen.

  • 1 time a week: 8,085 yen
  • 2 time a week: 15,141 yen
  • 3 time a week: 23,019 yen
  • 4 time a week: 30,076 yen
  • 5 time a week: 35,804 yen