English can always be there with fun.” For children, providing a place for fun comes first. Our educational philosophy comes from a combination of humane beliefs embedded in the social practice of child nurturing and relationships with sociocultural ideas around us. We see and hear English everywhere now. It is getting easier for us to help children rationalize their own learning since we have more and more access to them. Or, it may be that we can simply try to pay more attention to and realize how much we are actually surrounded by English and other languages now. Or, we gain more access to the same resources by improving our pedagogical approaches and competency. In any event, learning a language for us is not a mere process of acquisition, but a holistic human development in the society. This human development is happening in this globalized era. Multiculturalism is ever becoming important. In this multicultural world both globally and locally, multicultural natures of both the society and each child are rather inseparable, in the same manner as culture and language are inseparable.

Our passion for such education never stops. We have been educating ourselves through, for example, visiting Reggio Emilia, Italy for their profound ECE philosophy, obtaining current knowledge and praxis required in ECE licensing in BC Canada, continuous learning at a professional level at world class universities such as Harvard for general educational practices, and doctoral level inquiries at a Canadian university for sociolinguistics. We also maintain our vision at a local level, by conducting research at a local public school in Tokyo. We believe that educators should keep evolving themselves, and share their expertise with parents. We would never be satisfied with what we can do now. By maintaining views of children and parents at the heart of our practice and our very minds, we will go forward.

Such motivation of ours is now in practice in the way we promote domestic as well as international education. We have gained affiliations with local Canadian children’s programs in BC over the recent years. Authentic and natural experiences in an English speaking country will be a huge asset in language learning. We carry out parental education opportunities and workshops to contribute to communal needs. These are all part of our happiness. Thus, we will keep pondering and act forward in this educational field of society, as our fuel of happiness.

Natsumi and Koichi

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Harvard University Kennedy School,Harvard University Reggio Emilia
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Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia MA in Teaching English to Young Learners with Dr. Annie Hughes
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ILAC Buddings Sasamat Outdoor Centre
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Summer conference, Simon Fraser University(Canada)
The Staff
Director / Natsumi Haseyama

Upon completion of her field study in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Natsumi had expanded her career at local preschools in Canada till she decided to pursue her further career at Early Childhood Education in Japan. Back in Japan, she has taught at a renowned international school in Tokyo. Natsumi is highly fascinated in childhood education as well as multilingual education. Her motivation for the field possesses her producing her great passion on her work. She holds a Diploma of Teaching English to Children and a Diploma of Teaching & Learning in Childhood. She is also a lead teacher of Short Program classes.


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Executive Director / koichi Haseyama

Koichi Haseyama has started his career in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Teaching at a nursery school in Boston area led him to the world of Early Childhood Education. After attending and working as an assistant instructor at Wheelock College in Boston, Koichi returned to Tokyo for his further career. After several years at an after-school care for elementary schoolchildren in Tokyo, Koichi pursued his career in Canada. In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada he worked at a career college which carries programs of TESOL, TESOL for Children, Translations and Interpretations for Japanese and so on. This experience propelled him to establish an independent multilingual school in Japan. He engages with a great part of teaching activities at Green Hill.

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“Canadian Association for Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Education, and Plurilingualism”

EIGO-RILLA/ Magainze for English learners- Editorial supervision(Japanese)

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41va9C1bsQL“‘Teaching English to Young Learners: ‘Very’ basic theories” ISBN:978-4906860289 (Japanese)

◎Non-for-profit work/membership (As of Nov. 2014)
President, Canadian Association for Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Education, and Plurilingualism (CADHHEP) (2014- current)
President, The Organization for Language Education and Development (OLED) (2011-current)
Canadian Society for the Study of Education, member
Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, member
American Association for Applied Linguistics, member
The Japanese Association of Sociolinguistic Sciences, member
IERG International Conference (2014) (Canada)
CSSE @ Congress 2014 (2014)(Canada)
Learning Together, Faculty of Education, SFU (2014)(Canada)
Summer Institute, Faculty of Education, SFU (2013)(Canada)
“‘Teaching English to Young Learners: ‘Very’ basic theories” ISBN:978-4906860289
“TOEIC Class Notes” ISBN:978-4903796185
◎Work History
Tsurukawa Women’s Junior College Visiting Assistant Professor
Waseda University Educational Coach
Teikyo University of Science Adjunct Lecturer
Green Hill International School(Tokyo) Executive Director
Simon Fraser University, Centre for Research on Early Child Health and Education(Canada) Research Assistant
Concordia Career College(Canada) Academic Consular
Wheelock College(U.S.A) Assistant Teacher
◎School history
Simon Fraser University, Education, Ph.D. in Languages, Cultures, and Literacies, Student
University of York, Education, M.A. in Teaching English to Young Learners
Harvard Graduate School of Education, Programs in Professional Education